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0DTE options, also known as zero-day-to-expiration options, are a unique type of options contract that expire on the same day they are opened. Unlike traditional options contracts that have a longer lifespan, 0DTE options offer traders the opportunity to capitalize on short-term price movements and take advantage of intraday trading opportunities. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of 0DTE options, how they work, and their benefits and risks.

What Stocks offer 0DTE Options?

While technically any stock that is optionable can be 0DTE on the day of expiry, only SPX, NDX,
SPY, and QQQ are instruments that offer options expiring every day. That being said, the CBOE does not specifically generate options contracts that expire on the same day they are issued. Rather, these contracts are issued in advance and become 0DTE options on their day of expiry. These contracts can be traded at any time up to their expiry but are only considered 0DTE’s on that day.

Benefits of 0DTE Options

Intraday Trading Opportunities: 0DTE options allow traders to take advantage of intraday market movements. Since these options expire the same day, traders can enter and exit positions within a single trading session, potentially capturing quick profits. Some traders use 0DTE options as alternatives to stock for day trading.

Reduced Exposure to Overnight Risks: By trading options that expire on the same day, traders avoid overnight risks associated with news events, earnings releases, or other market-moving factors that can occur after regular trading hours.

Cost Efficiency: 0DTE options typically have lower premiums compared to longer-term options. This makes them more accessible to traders with limited capital, allowing them to participate in short-term trading strategies without a substantial upfront investment.

Ability to capitalize on short term price movements:
Because their time to expiry is measured in hours as opposed to days or weeks, these options can deliver outsized gains from even smaller movements in the underlying security.

Risks of 0DTE Options

High Volatility: Intraday trading can be volatile, and 0DTE options are very sensitive to short-term price movements. Traders must be prepared for rapid p&l swings and large potential losses if the market moves against their positions.

Limited Time for Adjustment: With 0DTE options, traders have limited time to react to changing market conditions. If the market does not move as anticipated, traders may have limited options for adjusting their positions or cutting losses.

Narrow Profit Windows: Since 0DTE options have a short lifespan, the profit potential is often limited to the intraday price movements. Traders need to accurately predict short-term price direction and timing to capture profits.

Liquidity and Spreads: Depending on the underlying asset, liquidity and spreads can vary for 0DTE options. Traders should consider the volume, open interest, and bid-ask spreads before attempting trade execution.


0DTE options offer traders the opportunity to participate in short-term trading strategies and capitalize on intraday price movements. They provide benefits such as intraday trading opportunities, reduced exposure to overnight risks, lower time decay impact, and cost efficiency. However, they also come with risks, including high volatility, limited time for adjustment, narrow profit windows, and potential liquidity and spread challenges.

As with any options trading, it is crucial for traders to conduct their own research, develop a well-defined trading plan, and manage risk effectively. It is recommended to seek advice from qualified professionals (like those at before engaging in 0DTE options trading.