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Equity Swing Trades, Futures, Market Profile

Brad Augunas

Brad Augunas was one of the first individuals to join the ShadowTrader team many years ago when Peter decided to expand his reach beyond just himself. Brad took over the original SquawkBox broadcast in 2009 which was the first of its kind to ever be embedded within the platform of a major retail brokerage.

Prior to transitioning to trading full time, Brad worked for the Vanguard Group on the trade and bond desks where he received his series 6,7, and 63 licenses. Piquing his interest in the markets, that experience led him to a local prop firm where he thrived as a trader and market maker until the firm shut its doors after 9/11.

Brad holds an undergraduate degree in finance and business administration from Penn State University and currently resides very close to the ShadowTrader offices in Haverford, PA.

Technicals and market internals are the focus of Brad’s day to day trading. He also likes to trade news events or potential catalysts such as Fed meetings, economic data releases or anything that can move the markets. He is constantly scanning the markets to determine who is winning the day.

When not actively trading equities, options, and futures, Brad likes shredding on his guitar (he does some mean Iron Maiden licks), banging on drums, skiing, snowboarding, playing squash and riding his bike.

Longer Term Equity Swing Trader

Michael DenBleyker

Like a lot of people looking to get their feet wet in the markets, Michael DenBleyker was just looking for some tips on how to manage his investments. That led him to his first investment seminar in 2006. His business life at that point of construction contracting and commercial fishing was a great precursor to learning how to take risks in the market.

With a few years of trial and error, he came across Peter and Brad on the Tastytrade network. Their “no BS” strictly technical style was appealing to him and he hasn’t looked back since.

Mike often says that everything he knows has “come from the trading school of hard knocks.” Being a veteran of those hard earned lessons has given him a relatively good understanding of the emotional and psychological challenges that traders encounter. While he shares real-time trades on the ShadowTrader SquawkBox, he also feels it’s part of his mission to openly discuss those challenges to help others get through them.

Mike’s main M.O. is swing trading of equities which he holds anywhere from a few days to several weeks. He considers himself a TA purist with very little in the way of indicators on his charts because he feels that a simple chart has all the information that one needs to trade successfully.

When not at the screens, Mike continues to live an adventurous life in his home of Alaska where he enjoys hunting, fishing, and a good hike in the mountains.

Options Time Spreads, Futures

Scott Gillam

Scott Gillam is an options trader and investor who uses technical and fundamental analysis to drive his decision making process. He often refers to himself as “an investor with trader needs”.

Scott Gillam began his finance career as a retail broker in 1980. Since then he has held many titles including branch manager for a regional bank, investment advisor, director of information technology, project manager, database developer, and credit analyst in the automotive financing business.

Always self managing his investments from a young age created a passion for the financial markets that eventually led him to full time retail trading and specifically options.

Scott holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota and also an MBA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Hartford. Scott currently resides in Bristol Connecticut, yet still holds strong ties to his roots in Minnesota. He lives with his faithful trading partner – April, a Black Labrador.

Scott’s trading style is conservative and his specialty is diagonal calendars, verticals, and covered calls.

Weekly Options, Market Internals

Peter Reznicek

To say Peter has been at this a long time would be quite the understatement. Peter was interested in the stock market from a young age, placing his first trade at around 13 in a joint account with his father. It wasn’t until the internet bubble that the bug took hold permanently and he decided to figure out a way to make a living at what he deems to be “the ultimate meritocracy”.

Starting trading full time around 1999, Peter watched the dot com crash in awe of how quickly and drastically prices in the market could change. He knew then that he had to figure out how this amazing thing worked. Often asked for details on his exact path to profitability, Peter always cites simply watching and writing things down. He still does that to this day.

Although residing in Miami, Peter founded ShadowTrader in 2006 with two partners from the Philadelphia area and started to teach his proprietary way of looking at the markets through the original ShadowTrader SquawkBox on thinkorswim and the ShadowTraderPro Swing Trader newsletter, before expanding his ranks and turning those products over to other traders.

Peter holds a finance degree from Bryant University and has been a principal and head trader for RBC Capital and Translucent Capital Management. While he trades strictly retail for his own accounts these days, those experiences were an important milestone to prove that he could “do it in size” and be successful.

Peter’s trading style is truly unique and he is credited with bringing a lot of proprietary methods of market analysis to his subscribers in Weekly Options Advisory. He trades weekly options on a strictly technical basis with a heavy accent on market internals and market profile. His proprietary broad market analysis which includes the “quad” and the Weighted AD Indicator has helped thousands of traders over the years to see things a lot clearer and make better trading decisions. Many students and subscribers consider his teaching to be truly revolutionary and credit his methods for taking them from confused newbies to profitable traders.

Peter splits his time between Miami and Los Angeles and enjoys meditation, hiking, eating hummus, and driving fast in the Hollywood hills with the top down and some loud hip hop.

Futures Room

Futures, Bitcoin, Market Profile

Gustavo Lobo

Trading is not just a profession for Gustavo Lobo, it’s a game of strategy, resilience, and self-discovery. Born in Brazil, Gustavo’s journey has taken him across the globe, and he now calls Connecticut home. His introduction to trading came at the young age of 16, when his entrepreneurial older brother introduced him to the concept of capital leverage. The first actual trading system Gustavo was introduced to was the market profile, a concept he discovered in the book ‘Mind Over Markets’. However, the complexity of the book led him to shelve it, only to be revisited five years later with a renewed perspective and understanding. Despite the complexities of the market profile and his young age, Gustavo was instantly drawn to the strategic nature of trading, a connection that echoed his affinity for video games.

Gustavo’s trading methodology is distinctive, focusing on market and volume profiles and forgoing traditional candlestick charts. He specializes in trading future stock indices, oil, and bitcoin futures, with a keen ability to identify rotational days and execute mean reversion anchor trades. He subscribes to a philosophy of simplicity, asserting that trading, like any skill, becomes instinctive when you concentrate on mastering one aspect.

From working for a fund in the heart of downtown Chicago to owning his own hedge fund for three years, Gustavo’s experiences have shaped him into the trader he is today. His most valuable insight has been the importance of self-analysis, understanding his trading identity, and staying true to it. Today he primarily trades his own portfolio alongside some investor capital and prop money,

When he’s not immersed in trading, Gustavo serves as a consultant for blockchain-based projects, plays the guitar, calisthenics, and spends time with his family.


Scott Schneider

Actively involved in the markets since 2015, Scott’s focus has been singular, bordering on obsession. He knew early on that the path to success was to understand the broader market, and all the market generated information that it

Becoming a father in 2017 prompted a career shift from part time to full time trading. In May 2020, Scott discovered Peter’s YouTube videos, which helped him turn the corner in his own trading and elevate his approach considerably.

Like many of our moderators, Scott is also a student of James Dalton and the market profile. Scott leverages market internals, psychology, and price action understanding through what Peter calls the “3 line method” for futures trading. Scott believes that one must continually accept change and embrace adaptability over biases. To that end, Scott competes daily in the futures markets with an open mind and encourages his followers to do the same.

When the markets are closed, Scott relishes laughing with his family, loud hip hop, and dancing in the rain when the metaphorical storm comes. His journey epitomizes passion and resilience in navigating the markets and life.

Futures, Market Profile

Marcin Delecki

Some people are just drawn to numbers and technology from a young age. Feeling that these things often go hand in hand, Marcin completed a computer science degree from the the University of British Columbia (UBC) and later became a Canadian CPA.

Wanting a little more time freedom, Marcin gravitated towards the financial markets in 1996, and has been fully immersed ever since. His focus is mainly on daytrading index futures (/ES) and also large cap tech stocks. Over time, he has developed a knack for identifying when short squeezes and stop runs are about to begin.

Successful traders usually have some sort of “aha moment” if they can survive the first few years of active trading. For Marcin, this came about in the early 2,000’s when he realized that he was falling victim to fakeouts and chasing big green momentum candles. Knowing there had to be a better way, he started researching auction theory and how it applies to financial markets. That led him to Mind over Markets by James Dalton which is a common entry point for traders who want to apply market profile to their trading.

The way that market profile applies different time frames into auction market theory clicked immediately for Marcin and he has been applying it successfully to the futures markets ever since. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he just likes that the charts look a lot like the dripping code in The Matrix!

When not daytrading futures live in the ShadowTrader SquawkBox, Marcin enjoys competitive shooting as a member of the ISPC, researching and piloting new software and hardware, and spending time with his family.

Futures, Market Profile

Jennie Nam

Like many post graduates, Jennie found career options somewhat limiting in her field of mathematics. After finishing her degree in Mathematical and Scientific Computation at UC Davis with an aspiration to become an Actuary, Jennie passed four of the eight exams for that designation before realizing that it was a bit dull for her tastes. She was looking for a profession with a little more excitement and the freedom to explore beyond the confines of an office environment.

Coming from a family deeply rooted in the fashion manufacturing business led to a stint as a fashion designer. While fulfilling financially, it still didn’t feel like the right career until she was introduced to the futures markets and also the teachings of James Dalton and Peter Reznicek. She hasn’t looked back since.

Jennie mainly trades futures with a dash of options thrown in just to keep things interesting. Deeply rooted in market profile auction theory, she often characterizes her style as “pure market profile with a dash of technical”.

When not glued to the screens and applying the nuances of market profile to price action to find the next profitable futures setup, Jennie enjoys golf, snowboarding, surfing and traveling.

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