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Enhance your trading platform and increase your profits with ShadowTrader Indicators

Let our proprietary indicators show you things that your competition is missing!

Weighted S&P Advance Decline Line

for thinkorswim, NinjaTrader or TradingView


If you use just ONE custom indicator, it should be THIS.

This script plots both an unweighted and a weighted A/D line from the open using the 11 S&P sectors and their respective weights. The S&P 500 can only move according to what those 11 sectors do. This gives the trader a huge edge for timing entries and also discerning the strength of moves.

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Iceberg Tick thinkscript

for thinkorswim or TradingView


You won’t look at the TICK the same way again.

A game changer for those who use the TICK as a market internal. Instead of candles or lines, this “paints” the time spent above and below zero. Traders who know how to use the tick know that this is what really matters, not how low or high the extremes are.

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ShadowTrader Tape Reader

for thinkorswim


See inside the price bar while it’s developing!

Provides an essential edge for successful day trading in both stocks and futures contracts. A thinkorswim add on study that can actually “read the tape” and tell you how much is being traded at bid vs offer.

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Cumulative Tick

for thinkorswim


A longer term look on a reliable market internal that should be in every trader’s toolbox.

Adds an invaluable layer of information by tallying and plotting a cumulative total of any TICK indicator from the open.

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Intraday Volume Measure

for thinkorswim


Compare volume in any timeframe.

Measures and plots intraday volume levels of markets and exchanges versus averages.

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