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Weekly Options Like You've Never Seen Before!

This is where options traders come to take their game to the next level. Our Chief Options Strategist, Peter Reznicek teaches traders to think outside the box while managing all trades from start to finish through real-time alerts straight to your mobile through our dedicated app.


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    What's Included

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    Real Time Trades on Our Mobile App

    Download our ShadowTrader app for IOS or Android and follow along with all of Peter’s trades and commentary in real-time.

    Daily Live Sessions

    Peter shares his screens in the room every day to present trade ideas and call the markets live as they unfold. Many subscribers feel this is worth the price of the subscription alone.

    Daily Recap Email

    Subscribers receive a comprehensive daily email that recaps all the alerts that were sent that day in the room, along with an updated performance blotter showing all open and closed trades with detailed profit and loss.

    Peter's Premarket Perspective

    Get access to Peter’s Premarket Perspective for FREE! Your Weekly Options subscription includes complimentary access to Peter’s morning market profile report with all the Key Levels and potential Scenarios to start your day on the right foot.


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    What Subscribers Are Saying

    Greg H

    I reviewed my cumulative ShadowTrader results this morning. In about 5 weeks of trading, up over $20,000. About half from Ratios and BWBs and about half from the short puts. The Ratios & BWBs deliver many small gains or scratches, and the short puts deliver fewer large chunks of gains.

    In addition, I learn a lot, and very much enjoy the community.

    For a willing student, the service delivers great on-the-job education.

    Thank you, Greg Hghappy21@——————

    Steven M

    Dear Peter,

    I want to thank you for everything you have shared over the last several years. I started listening to you in 2017 and you have made a noticeable difference in my trading skillset.

    I humbly appreciate your human to human and honest approach to your viewers. The hardest thing to fake is sincerity, honesty and integrity. You couldn’t fake them if you tried. Regardless if you were right or wrong about the markets each week, you always maintained the spirit of integrity in your approach to your business. It was always evident that you cared about the work you did and the people you taught. This is the reason I stayed with you all of these years.

    Thank you.Steven M

    Brian W


    You seem to have taught me to fish my friend. I’ve been on board your weekly options service for around a year. I’ve gone from following along with most of your trades to 80% independent trade idea generation and very consistent profitability (I still take around 20% of your trades). It’s been 6 months (at least) since I’ve had a losing week (and that loss was tiny). AMZN far otm bwb or 1×2 or TSLA 1×2 or 1×3 calls have been absurdly consistent weekly profit engines. SPX puts same story. I’ve even been daytrading upside otm 0 dte 1×2 or 1×3 when option premium gets overly pumped into stocks that have had a strong move up (for example, I did GME bwb last Friday 215/225/340 for 0.44cr and took it off 1 hour later at 0.10db).

    I look at markets completely differently thanks to your teaching. The game changer for me was when you said “there is no gravity in the markets.” It was like you exploded a knowledge bomb in my head! In an instant completely changed how I approach momentum stocks. The lessons are too numerous to count. And my technical analysis has improved greatly thanks to you.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so arrogant to believe I won’t have a Lupe moment or two… just hasn’t happened in size yet… and how I will adjust and maneuver when it happens still gives me some anxiety. But overall, you’ve elevated my trading game to the next level.

    Thank you for being a generous teacher and for paying forward your own wisdom as well as that of Jim Dalton. And good on you for making your service so accessible to traders of all sizes. You are appreciated more than you know.

    With gratitude, from a lifelong subscriber,
    -Brian W

    Jeff M

    TY for all that you do! All that you do, even what you think of as premarket rambling is all great and useful to me. Today’s 10:41 comment pays for your service for the next 2 centuries.

    Aka it’s not what you do, it’s what you don’t do Aka making money is easy; not losing money is hard.

    You completely rock!

    I hope you keep providing your service for at least 5 more years!! (2 centuries would be better

    Sent from my Smartphone


    Hi Peter,

    I’ve been a member of your weekly options group for a little over a year now (username is lakehawk). I only started trading in January of 2021 when the whole GME thing happened. For some context, I was the guy who was buying it at $300 at the peak of the squeeze. But it did get me interested in learning more about the market, the greatest opportunity machine ever invented, and I went through a lot of trade services before joining your group.

    I am currently a practicing anesthesiologist, so I have gone through almost 13 years of higher education and have had many teachers. I must say that you are one of the best teachers I have ever encountered, and it’s clear that you have a passion for education. I really admire your ability to convey complex ideas in understandable ways.

    In the most recent weekly webinar, you were explaining your thought process regarding the short covering rally on wednesday afternoon, and how you didn’t cover your short positions because of the nuance you saw on the market profile. I wanted to share part of a text that I sent to my friend who was trying to convince me that a further bull rally was imminent: (this was on Wednesday at around 3:30pm EST)

    I felt so proud about this because it was one of the first times I was able to pick up on an important nuance on my own and make a decision. You’ve taught me a framework for looking at the market and making decisions based on MGI, and not needing to wait for someone to tell me what to do. I actually rarely do any of the official trades because my account isn’t big enough yet, but what I get from your commentary is worth more than any trade service could offer.

    Sorry for the long email; I was debating sending it you but when I told my girlfriend the same story, she said “you should email that guy that always talks about options and Wu Tang clan, he would be proud of you!” Hahaha.

    Appreciate you Peter! You’ve got a lifelong subscriber.

    Have a good weekend – Morgan


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