Take Your Options Game to
the Next Level

New to options or want to take your game to the next level? ShadowTrader offers three different real-time trade advisories so traders of every skill level can learn as they trade.


Options Advisory

Have some options experience under your belt? The ShadowTrader Weekly Options Advisory looks to capture short term profits using weekly options with durations ranging from a couple days to a few weeks.


Spreads Advisory

The ShadowTrader Time Spreads Advisory utilizes Calendars and Diagonals only for its live trades.  Calendars and diagonals are spreads where options of one series are being bought and options of another series are being sold simultaneously, offering the traders the opportunity to collect credit while playing directionally at the same time!


Options Advisory

Totally new to options?  Start HERE.  ShadowTrader Beginner Options Advisory uses only the simplest of spreads, trading only long and short verticals, long butterflies, and the occasional long single option.

Includes 5 comprehensive video lessons that start from basics and go all the way to Greeks! 


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Pricing Details

Learning options shouldn’t break the bank.  That’s why we don’t sell expensive courses or charge an arm and a leg for our advisories. There is never any contract and you can cancel at anytime.

Weekly Options Advisory

$95 / mo

Beginner Options Advisory

$49 / mo

Time Spreads Advisory

$49 / mo

Weekly Options Advisory

$49 / mo