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ShadowTrader offers a real-time chatroom for active futures and stock traders. Stock traders can utilize our SquawkBox, which is a professional grade live video & audio broadcast offering traders of all skill levels the tools and guidance to trade the markets effectively. We also provide free daily stock trading newsletters for swing trading, pairs trading, and forex trading in addition to a daily market profile analysis of S&P Futures.

premarket preparation

ShadowTrader Video Weekly 07.24.16 - How to Prepare for Daytrading

A live trading video where I detail my premarket process and make a little lunch money in NFLX. 


Are You Daytrading the Right Stock?

Very candid discussion where Peter discusses completely missing the boat on a $40 PCLN move while focusing on other stocks.

The ShadowTrader Portfolio Protection Course

Created by Ryan Mastro, ShadowTrader Director of Options Education

Think the market is going down in 2016?  Are you properly hedged?

The time to know how to hedge your portfolio is BEFORE a downturn.

trading psychology

7 Killer Mistakes That Doom Traders From Becoming Consistently Profitable - Part 1

The first of  a seven part series on what prevents traders from becoming consistently profitable.

Swing Trading

The Qs are the Key

churchill and roosevelt

The S&P 500 Index (SPY) and Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA) have moved above resistance to new all-time highs. However, the extent to which these gains will be extended further relies greatly on the ability of the NASDAQ 100 Index (QQQ) to break above horizontal resistance illustrated on the chart below. QQQ is poised to…

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Pairs Trading

Pairs Trading With Another Opportunity For (VZ -T)


(Verizon Communications – AT&T, Inc) I was expecting to see the pair offer a long entry at/below the $12.40 spread value, and the pair actually went as low as $12.05. This was a little concerning for me, but now the pair has come back up and closed at $12.56 spread value. I think we may…

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Option Trading – Gold Miners

option trading

  Option Trading – Gold Miners Ryan Mastro appears on the ShadowTrader SquawkBox Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3pm EST. On today’s show on the ShadowTrader SquawkBox hosted by thinkorswim we discussed:   Sector Rotation Gold Miners New highs Watch out for earnings       Do you know how to protect your portfolio?

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GDP Doesn’t Measure Up, Dollar Falls


In what you should give a pip about this weekend, we discuss GDP and the impact on the U.S. dollar. There are three Gross Domestic Product reports in the U.S.; Advance, Preliminary, and Final. Although the Final is a more sure number, the earlier Advance and Preliminary usually see a larger response in the markets…

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Trading Psychology

7 Killer Mistakes That Doom Traders From Becoming Consistently Profitable – #1

trading psychology

Trading is one of the most difficult professions that anyone may ever attempt. Your strengths and your weaknesses are magnified because the market is filtered through your beliefs, experiences, and your own emotional makeup. If you have trouble with discipline or risk management, it will show up in your trading. If you are scared of…

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