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  • Small non true gap higher within range
  • Overnight activity is all fully within the VA; I would have expected more short covering than that (M.G.I.)
  • Value was essentially unchanged.  The tone shifts definitively when value changes.
  • The volume POCs and settlements almost identical in back to back RTH sessions.  These levels are important.
Pre Market Indications
Opening In/Out Balancein balance
Overnight Inventorybalanced
Current Price/Overnight Rangeupper third
Shock and Aweno
Potential for Early Tradeno
Short Term Biasbearish but at a key support level


  • My initial take this morning is that I am surprised that we aren’t higher.  That in and of itself is M.G.I. that I am carrying forward into the session.  O/N inventory is balanced and in a compressed range in the VA which indicates more balance rather than nervous shorts.
  • The RTH High is a long entry as it would represent the level that would cease one time framing.
  • Either of the back to back settlements or POCs may be targets on trades today.  I would assume potential for a more short bias below those POCs.
Today’s Market Profile Chart

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Key Levels for Today
4331.75RTH High
4320.25Settlement 2x
4314.25POC 2x
4302.25ONL / VAL
4277.00RTH Low / SPX Trendline Support
Virgin Point of Control (VPOC)
Today’s ES and NQ Market Profile and Pivot Point Numbers
Value Area High4328.2514782.00
Point of Control4314.2514735.00
Value Area Low4301.7514668.00