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Peter’s Premarket Perspective | Monday, March 8, 2021

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  Key Levels for Today
3850.00RTH High
3827.00Top of Single Prints
3821.00Bottom of Single Prints


Futures gapping down only slightly currently after an overnight session that was much lower and also higher moving above Friday’s RTH High by a decent clip. Overnight inventory is balanced to slightly net short and we are currently trading just above overnight halfback.

There’s plenty to go on just from the paragraph above. We know that Friday was a reversal day. The fact that futures prices took out the high overnight is bullish and carry forward M.G.I. into today’s open. The fact that prices traded quite far down into the RTH range before recovering is also more bullish M.G.I. I will trade from the framework that the ONL is secure and look for pullback buys, being slightly more aggressive if the RTH High is taken out.

Only acceptance below the RTH Low would change the tone currently. To put an even finer point on it, Friday was also a double distribution with a set of single prints splitting the day. Holding in the upper distribution is more bullish than trading in the lower one. As always, the extremes of the single prints can be turning points.

Advance heads up to readers of the PPP……I will be taking over SquawkBox duties from Brad tomorrow all day. TOS platform, chatrooms tab, shadowtrader room.


    • As per comments above, my bias is more bullish than bearish this morning, looking for pullback buys as long as we stay above the ONL with an added bullish bias over the RTH High.
    • I will watch the single print area closely to see where prices find acceptance in the RTH session. Holding up in the upper distribution is more bullish while acceptance in the lower one is less so.
    • While I’m coming into the market seeing Friday as a reversal day and overnight trade confirming that, I also know that anything can happen in an RTH session. Acceptance below the ONL puts the reversal into question and keeps recent lows in play. Odds should be lower of this but all scenarios are potentials.



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