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  Key Levels for Today
3824.50ONH / New ATH
3810.50RTH High
3781.00RTH Low


Second session in a row where we have all overnight activity inside of the RTH range. Market is in balance with value relatively unchanged for three sessions. Overnight inventory is also quite balanced and we are currently trading in the middle third of the overnight range. All of that obviously points to higher odds opportunities presenting themselves later in the session rather than earlier.

Consider the last three RTH sessions to be a balance area. Apply balance rules to that range.

Liquidation breaks continue to be rebuffed. The market is continuing to balance off the most recent rally. I continue to carry forward that there is an ATH in an overnight session that is potentially unsecure.


    • The usual way to look at balanced overnight inventory that is inside of the prior day’s range is to assume that said balance has potential to continue into the the day session. That being the case, expect responsive trade while we remain within range and use the extremes of both yesterday’s range and the larger balance area as go/no-go levels for larger initiative moves.



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