Beginner Options Advisory

$49.00 / month


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    The ShadowTrader Beginner Options Advisory is the perfect way for traders new to options to get their feet wet with simple spread trades that have medium to longer duration. The advisory uses only verticals, butterflies, and single options as trade types. Spreads may be long debits for directional moves or short credits to collect time value.

    Managed by Scott Gillam, ShadowTrader’s Senior Options Strategist, the advisory seeks to establish 5-6 new positions per month. As the trades are longer term in duration, the advisory may have 7-10 open trades at any given time. All trades are sent out via email in real-time. Emails are purposely very detailed for newer traders and include a stock chart of the underlying along with full detail on what strikes are in play, duration, risk, and targeted returns. On Friday afternoons, subscribers will receive an email detailing all trade activity that occurred that week. All trades, including p&l on all options bought and sold, are recorded and tracked in a spreadsheet and emailed to subscribers in a .pdf weekly.

    Additionally, subscription to the advisory includes admission to a monthly “Members Only” webinar which is s closed to the general public. These webinars are an opportunity for those who are novices to options to learn options basics from Scott who has over 20 years experience in the field. The webinars are fully interactive and subscribers may ask questions on open positions or options theory and strategy.