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market profile

Value built higher yesterday but with no range expansion. Market is still in a balancing state for the most part. The Dow came within about 13 points of 20,000 yesterday. This is just a purely psychological number that this index probably wants to test. That’s not scientific at all, but sometimes things aren’t.

Today’s overnight session is also a very small range, all inside of yesterday’s RTH range. Consider that balance within balance. Overnight inventory in relation to yesterday’s settlement is balanced as well. As the RTH range is small, don’t look for it’s extremes to hold today, rather look for a breakout in either direction. Upside breakouts would target the all time high of 12/13 at 2273.00 and downside breakouts should target the as yet untested prominent TPO POC of 12/19 at 2258.50.

Sometimes that’s all there is to say……….

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