Peter’s Premarket Perspective

$20.00 / month


Premarket report written by ShadowTrader Chief Strategist, Peter Reznicek. An every morning must read for thousands of traders worldwide, the perspective analyzes S&P e-mini futures through the lens of market profile theory. The posts analyze overnight and prior days futures activity and provide multiple scenarios for how the market is apt to play out that day. While the obvious benefit is for futures day traders, the Premarket Perspective benefits longer term traders as well as it teaches them to collect market generated information daily and add it to an ongoing narrative that clearly lights the way to future market direction.

The Premarket Perspective will help you to:

  • Learn to read overnight futures activity and understand why it is so important
  • Understand the true meaning of value and why there is often huge opportunity when it differs from price
  • See nuances that others don’t which give the real underlying reason why the market turns intraday how it does even as the whole world is focused on news
  • Create an ongoing narrative by piecing together multiple data points that will help you to know future market direction
  • Learn market profile theory by seeing it unfold daily with real-world examples

Posted to our site and emailed to subscribers every weekday at 9am EST sharp.