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ShadowTrader offers a real-time chatroom for active futures and stock traders. Stock traders can utilize our SquawkBox, which is a professional grade live video & audio broadcast offering traders of all skill levels the tools and guidance to trade the markets effectively. We also provide free daily stock trading newsletters for swing trading, pairs trading, and forex trading in addition to a daily market profile analysis of S&P Futures.

ShadowTrader Video Weekly 04.23.17 France, Missed Trades, and whatnot...

Market continues to balance ahead of the French elections, some color on some missed opportunities this past week and the return of James Dalton to ShadowTrader

The ShadowTrader Portfolio Protection Course

Created by Ryan Mastro, ShadowTrader Director of Options Education

Think the market is going down in 2016?  Are you properly hedged?

The time to know how to hedge your portfolio is BEFORE a downturn.

7 Killer Mistakes That Doom Traders From Becoming Consistently Profitable - Part 3

Do you treat your trading like the business that it is?

Swing Trading

TWTR – Short Replay

Apr 27, 2017 | Comments Off on TWTR – Short Replay

Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) beat earnings estimates for the second quarter in a row. It won’t help bulls though because the stock is going lower. The blue arrrow on the chart above highlights the market’s reaction to TWTR‘s last earnings beat. The same scenario is about to play out again as TWTR hopefuls piled into the…

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Pairs Trading

Pairs Trading With Ole Timers & Shiny Metals (GDX – GDXJ)

Apr 26, 2017

(Vaneck Gold Miners ETF – Vaneck Junior Gold Miners ETF) We featured the pair a time before, and again Thank You to our follower “dragonfly” for bringing the pair to our attention back on April 13th’s Pair Hour Show! The original approach was to catch the pair short at spread value of negative ($11.90), &…

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Option Trading – Gold Miners

Apr 28, 2016
option trading

  Option Trading – Gold Miners Ryan Mastro appears on the ShadowTrader SquawkBox Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3pm EST. On today’s show on the ShadowTrader SquawkBox hosted by thinkorswim we discussed:   Sector Rotation Gold Miners New highs Watch out for earnings       Do you know how to protect your portfolio?

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Tax Reforms Push Price Higher but Prices Closes Flat

Apr 26, 2017

U.S. equities attempted a rally on the announced tax reforms and yet equities could not sustain a breakout and we are seeing resistance hold. The U.S. dollar has held at support and we are watching for a potential bounce to go long the dollar again. Much of the next few days will be determined by…

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Trading Psychology

7 Killer Mistakes That Doom Traders From Becoming Consistently Profitable #7

Mar 15, 2017

#7 They Don’t Take Responsibility or Accountability for Their Own Results I saved the most important killer mistake for last. Even if you can correct all the other killer mistakes, your trading will still suffer if you don’t take responsibility or aren’t accountable for your own results. When I first started trading, I thought all…

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