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ShadowTrader offers a real-time chatroom for active futures and stock traders. Stock traders can utilize our SquawkBox, which is a professional grade live video & audio broadcast offering traders of all skill levels the tools and guidance to trade the markets effectively. We also provide free daily stock trading newsletters for swing trading, pairs trading, and forex trading in addition to a daily market profile analysis of S&P Futures.

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7 Killer Mistakes That Doom Traders From Becoming Consistently Profitable - Part 3

Do you treat your trading like the business that it is?

Swing Trading

HTHT – Continuation Setup

Jan 21, 2018 | Comments Off on HTHT – Continuation Setup

We are looking for continuation higher by China Lodging Group (HTHT). Please observe the chart below. HTHT made a strong move higher in December. Since the end of the year the stock has consolidated sideways. This consolidation period includes a failed breakdown that occurred last week (blue circle) which can actually strengthen a stock as…

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Pairs Trading

Pairs Trading Corner With Finance Ready To Rocket (KEY – RF)

Jan 20, 2018

(KeyCorp, Inc – Regions Financial ) Well it looks as though our pair may just be ready to take off on Monday’s regular trading session. As we know, the pair is out of the woods with both stocks in the pair having reported last week. As you can see from the chart, I am initiating…

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Ratio Spreads – Why and how to use them…

Oct 20, 2012
ratio spreads

Dear Shadow, I made some money with you in the last two back spreads on AAPL and PCLN off of your twitter feed. Thanks for those and the blog. Can you please go over your criteria again for when to put on those spreads and when not to? I made money, but I feel like…

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Catalysts Impacting Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Jan 20, 2018

In this weekend update, we look some catalysts impacting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Over the past year during the FX Hour, I have responded to questions about Bitcoin and possible game changers that could or would cause Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to cool down. It has been my opinion that government regulation and change or definition…

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Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology: The Story of Charlie Martell

May 31, 2017
trading psychology

I was in Whistler earlier this year attending my mastermind group’s annual winter retreat. It was an incredible four days of snowboarding, zip lining, networking, and masterminding. Gobundance is the name of the group and is made up of approximately 130+ millionaires that have committed to grabbing life big and being a millionaire in all…

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