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These videos walk you through the free trading checklist.  They explain in detail each piece of information on the checklist and how traders can use the information to improve their trading.  The videos cover: targets, stops, options implied volatiliy, market maker moves, and standard deviations.  All the critical information you should have before you enter a trade.

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3 videos


Do You Weigh All Potential Risks BEFORE Entering a Trade?

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We created a checklist to summarize the risks that professional traders look at before they risk any capital.

It was created with multiple trading styles in mind and for all skill levels.

  • Define Risks & Rewards
  • Build a baseline for Strategy Selection
  • Highlight Ratios for Trade Comparison
  • Manage Winners more effectively
  • Includes Options Risk Criteria

Video #1

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The Big Picture
Can you describe the catalysts that drive a trading decision?

  • The two most important numbers to have in mind before entering any trade
  • Announcement Risks: Earnings, Dividends, FDA, and M&A
  • Implied Volatility Risk in Options

Video #2
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Trade Strategy
Risk as a percentage of total account

  • Trade Management
  • Probability of Profit using Standard Deviation
  • Probability of Profit using IV Formulas and Technical Analysis

Video #3
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Illustration of how to use with an example trade
Long Entry in GLD with Targets

  • Rationale for trade along with technical picture
  • Probability of Profit
  • Exits