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ShadowTrader FUTURES & FOREX



Your thinkscript is below in the blue box.  Watch the video at right for detailed instructions on how to install and customize the Futures and Forex Tick Size and Value thinkscript on your thinkorswim platform.  ——–>

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#ShadowTrader Futures and Forex Tick Sizes and Values
#Version 1.0  6/5/17
#Blake Young & Dan Sheehy
declare upper;
input Show_Futures_Label = yes;
Input Futures_Lot_Size = 1;
input Show_Forex_Label = yes;
Input Forex_Lot_Size = 1;
AddLabel(Show_Futures_Label, “Futures Tick Size: $” + (TickSize()), globalColor(“Label_Background”));
 AddLabel(Show_Futures_Label, Futures_Lot_Size + ” Lot Tick Value: $” + (Futures_Lot_Size * TickValue()), globalColor(“Label_Background”));
AddLabel(Show_Forex_Label, ” Forex Pip Size: $” +  (10 * (TickSize()) * (1)),
 AddLabel(Show_Forex_Label, Forex_Lot_Size + ” Lot Pip Value: $” + Forex_Lot_Size *  (10 * (Tickvalue()) ), globalColor(“Label_Background”));