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WindoTrader is the industry standard in market profile software. The market profile is a way of organizing market generated information using the framework of not just price and volume but also time. This alternate view gives an incredible amount of depth to current price action and helps traders see and understand where true value lies in the markets. Start earning more by seeing more.

No other market profile software offers the same amount of customization possibilities of WindoTrader. WindoTrader is available in two different versions, Lite and BLUE. The Lite version contains everything that Peter Reznicek uses on a daily basis except for the volume at price column. The BLUE version is slightly more comprehensive and has some additional features that are not included in the Lite Version. Both versions require a data feed (it does not connect to TD Ameritrade/thinkorswim) which can result in additional costs. We highly recommend speaking with Terry at windotrader to see which version is right for you.

ShadowTrader Special on WindoTrader BLUE until 12/31/18 Get 3 months at $40 off per month. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

You can reach Terry at WindoTrader by calling 702-800-4628

$150/month $135/month