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In-Between Periods

Any time that is in between two reversal periods (See “Reversal Periods” below). Most often, however this call is made at roughly 10:15am EST. The theory being that the two main reversal periods of the morning session are the 10:00am and the 10:30. From experience we have found that when analyzing intraday action, the time around 10:15 am is either a continuation of a move that has begun in an earlier reversal period or a time of minor consolidation. Since the moderator uses 15 minute bars exclusively to reference intraday pivots, it has been found from experience that intraday entry on a 10:15 (ending at) bar does not statistically result in follow through of the pattern that defined entry. The 10:30am bar (ending at) has greater chance of producing follow through movement as it is at a reversal period rather than in between reversal periods