Core Sector List

Our daily “go to” as another form of market internal to discern overall market strength or weakness, ShadowTrader often monitors these sectors. Most of the larger capitalization (read: the market itself) companies are members of these groups. We monitor all of the sectors from their open as opposed to from the previous day’s close during the trading day. Mainly, we look to see how many of the 25 sectors are up and how many are down and see if that confirms with market action. If the trend is strong in one direction and is expected to continue, then you should see at least 20 or more of the sectors all moving in the same direction from their opens. When the list is more split, you can expect little directional followthrough in the market as the strong sectors are causing a push-pull effect on the S&P with the weaker sectors. The current list, in no particular order, with sector name and symbol on thinkorswim (as of December 2013) is as as follows. If using another software package note that the symbology may be slightly different.Amex Airline XAL
Dow Jones U.S. Healthcare Index $DJUSHC
Pharmaceutical DRG
Phlx Utility Sector UTY
Amex Tobacco TOB
Biotechnology BTK
Dow Jones U.S. Retail Index $DJUSRT
Dow Jones U.S. Software Index $DJUSSW
Amex North American Telecom XTC
Dow Jones U.S. Select Insurance Index $DJSINS
Dow Jones Transportation Avg $DJT
Amex Natural Gas XNG
Dow Jones U.S. Real Estate Index $DJUSRE
Amex Oil XOI
Phlx Semiconductor Sector SOX
Dow Jones U.S. Internet Index $DJUSNS
S&P Chemical CEX
Phlx Oil Services Sector OSX
Amex Securities Broker/Dealer XBD
Dow Jones U.S. Railroads Index $DJUSRR
Dow Jones U.S. Home Construction Index $DJUSHB
Dow Jones U.S. Coal Index $DJUSCL
Dow Jones U.S. Banks Index $DJUSBK
Amex Gold Miners Index GDM
Dow Jones U.S. Gambling Index $DJUSCA