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Peter Reznicek - Co-Founder, Chief Strategist

Futures/Market Profile

Trading futures without market profile is like driving blindfolded. The most widely read before the bell Market Profile blog anywhere, along with educational products from James Dalton, the author of the seminal market profile text, “Mind Over Markets“.

Peter’s Premarket Perspective

The most widely read market profile morning report, anywhere. Read it here every morning for a week and we guarantee you’ll wonder how you ever traded without it!

$20 / month

James Dalton Mind Over Markets Continued: Intensive 2

Immersive one month live course on market profile taught by James Dalton

November 5th through December 11th


James Dalton: Field of Vision

New to market profile? Start here! Digitally delivered, six-and-a-half hour comprehensive program — complete with 128-page PDF workbook. Develop the market logic and perspective needed to help you beat the competition. The PDF workbook features additional comments from Jim and areas to record your thoughts as you work through the material.


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James Dalton: Live Markets Seminar

Already familiar with Jim Dalton’s approach? Live Markets Seminar will deepen your understanding with a comprehensive view of Jim’s trading process, mindset and employment of the Market Profile.

Take your learning to the next level in this 16-hour training program, which features a complete recording of Jim Dalton’s sold-out Chicago seminar.


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James Dalton: Legacy Bundle

Have to have BOTH Jim Dalton Trading Legacy programs for your trading library? The Legacy Bundle makes it easier own both of these essential comprehensive trading programs that you’ll refer to again and again!


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Value Areas & Pivots

The cornerstone of the ShadowTrader “quad” chart. Plots the value area, point of control, along with all ShadowTrader pivot levels automatically on your futures chart. Invaluable for /ES and /NQ daytraders.


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