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             Take your Weekly Options Game to the NEXT LEVEL

How I Trade Weekly Options

Peter doesn’t let non subscribers into his world very often.  Learn the specific strategies that have kept Weekly Options Advisory profitable for over six years.

Table of Contents

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:25 Why Are Weeklies SO Lucrative?
  • 3:48 How I Make Money
  • 7:18 Why being “Net Short” in Weeklies is the key to consistent profits
  • 8:24 What spreads do I trade and why?
  • 11:17 The ONLY spread you need
  • 17:35 Live Trade #1 – NFLX BWB
  • 24:42 Live Trade #2 – ULTA Ratio 4,000% return
  • 35:20 The BIG SECRET to My Success
  • 41:46 Live Trade #3 – QQQ Risk Reversal
  • 47:02 My 6 Year Profitable Track Record
  • 47:52 How to Trade With Me
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