Cumulative Tick Thinkscript

Put Your Quad On Steroids


Why You Need This?

Keeps running total of cumulative tick during day and charts it

Adds another vital layer to tick divergences and confirmations

Customize to view plot in 14 different formats (lines, arrows, histogram, dots, etc)

Built-in ability to view cumulative ticks of NYSE, Nasdaq, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, DJIA, and Russell 2000 indices


Check Out Cumulative Tick In Action!

How Can It Help?

Peter and Brad have been steadfast in touting the power of the NYSE tick indicator as the best short term predictor of price there is. This add-on study might just make it even better! Developed by “Danno” Sheehy, this study adds an invaluable layer of information to the basic tick indicator by tallying and plotting its cumulative total throughout the day.

Life-time access for just $95

Includes detailed instructions on how to insert and customize on your thinkorswim platform