PREMIUM: Trading Psychology Series


Are you a losing trader?

Are you a winning trader who can’t seem to increase his or her size to take it to the next level?

Do you make steady gains in your account only to sabotage yourself and give it all back in one or two bad trades?

What is the mindset of consistent traders and how can you achieve it?

The subject of trading psychology is one of the most overlooked and underserved facets of trading. Everybody is focusing on trade ideas and strategies but even the best of them will not make you steady money unless you are in the right mind to execute properly and with discipline.

To fill this void, ShadowTrader’s own Director of Trading Psychology, Benjamin Lee has created the ShadowTrader Trading Psychology Series.  The series is a collection of 8 video modules, each of which focus on a separate topic of trading psychology.  An extensive .pdf workbook is included which we encourage students to print out and fill in as they go along.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

Trading Psychology Series

Who is this for:

Traders of all skill levels from newbies to seasoned professionals

What you get:

7 Hours & 19 Minutes of Video Lessons:
8 Modules in HD streaming (rewatch as often as you like)
Extensive .pdf workbook to print out and follow along as you learn
Sample Trading Plan / Sample Trading Criteria Checklist
“Sixty To Strength” Daily Plan
Trading Flow Chart
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ShadowTrader Trading Psychology Series - module 1

Module 1 – Destroying Your Limiting Beliefs

Length: 42 minutes

Success eludes many individuals in trading because they have limiting beliefs.  What are limiting beliefs, how did we come to have them, and how can we eliminate them and replace them with more empowering beliefs that get us closer to our goals in trading and in life? 



Module 2 – Creating Emotional Leverage

Length: 21 minutes

Ben teaches the nuances of emotional leverage and shows you how to harness it’s power to breakthrough everything standing in your way from reaching your trading goals.

Trading Psychology Series module 3

Module 3 – Figuring Out Your Trading Personality and Laying a Solid Foundation

Length: 1 hour, 59 minutes
Everyone has a unique trading personality.  It encompasses what trading strategies they are comfortable with and what their personal risk limits are.  There are many ways to skin the proverbial cat in trading but not all will be fitting to your personality and risk tolerance.  In this comprehensive module, Ben helps you figure out your trading personality and shows you how you can build on it to reach the success you deserve.

trading psychology series

Module 4 – Taming the Fear & Anxiety Monster

Length: 43 minutes

Understand the role that fear plays in your trading and learn to minimize it to your benefit.  Further topics include implementing risk/reward ratios, volatility based stop losses, and creating a risk management system to prevent blow ups. 

trading psychology

Module 5 – Perfection is the Enemy

Length: 44 minutes
Do you strive to be perfect in your trading?  Are you disappointed when every single trade you take is not a winner?  Ben will help you discover how a need for perfection and certainty can prevent you from every becoming a successful trader. 

trading psychology series

Module 6 – Sixty to Strength

Length: 1 hour

Ben’s favorite part of the whole series and the one tool that helped him get to 8 months without a losing day in the /ES futures.  In addition to creating your own personlized Sixty to Strength, you’ll learn how to bring a state of awareness to your trading, improve your ability to overcome trading losses, and better understand the importance of managing and minimizing your mental & emotional states during trading.

trading psychology series

Module 7 – Trading With Confidence

Length: 1 hour, 5 minutes

What roles do doubt and confidence play in your trading?  Learn how to deal with cognitive dissonance.  Eliminate the “doom” mentality and adopt a successful trader’s mindset.  Discover effective strategies to maximize your confidence and much more!


trading psychology series

Module 8 – Developing Self-Discipline and Putting It All Together

Length: 45 minutes
Even the newest of traders find out very quickly the huge role that self discipline plays in becoming a successful trader.  Watch as Ben walks you through exercises that develop and maintain self discipline.  You’ll learn how to use personalized reward systems, trading journals, and more to complete your 90 Day Success Action Plan

trading plan

Sample Trading Plan/Trading Criteria

All good traders should start with a plan and have specific criteria that defines their edge and decides whether or not a setup qualifies as an actual trade. While we encourage all traders to create and customize their own plan and criteria, here are two amazing examples that traders can use as a starting point.

Sixty to Strength

Sixty to Strength

One of the most powerful tools in the entire Trading Psychology Series  toolbox is the Sixty to Strength set of daily affirmations. An extremely powerful method to get your trading day off on the right foot before the opening bell rings. (Full color .pdf)

trading flowchart

Trading Flow Chart

A flowchart that puts it all together at a glance, connecting the relationship between your trading system, trading psychology and strategies you employ to make money. 



Free Gift!

Everyone who purchases the Trading Psychology Series will be mailed a free gift that will help you along on your journey to trading mastery. 

Take your Mind and your Trading Game to the Next Level