Trading Psychology

Is Your MIND Holding You Back From Being A Successful Trader?

Let’s Play a Game!

Its called Rapid Fire, you know the rules! I give you a word and you say whatever comes to your mind first, No Cheating!

Take a Deep Breath





and the word is…


Stock Market


Now Stop there!


Was your first thought more in line with the first column or second?

Wealth Losing
Opportunity Risky
Potential Uncertainty
Growth Stress
Security Fear
Fun Nervous Breakdown

What column did you resonate with?

If your first thought showed up in the right column, you are doing AMAZING!
You don’t need this product. Go back to trading and make more money!
But if your first thought was more in line with the words in the left column, then keep reading.

What scares you about the market?

Are you worried about potential losses?

What will happen if you lose all your money?

Will it make your spouse mad?

Could you lose your home?

You won’t be able to afford a good lifestyle, perhaps?

If these questions make you uncomfortable then you are in the right place!
Trading Psychology Series is designed to help you achieve the right mindset for trading

Before you set out to achieve anything, you need to be in the right mindset to reach your goals. Anxiety, stress, and fear of uncertainty won’t help you make the best decisions be it in trading or in life. This program is our unconventional approach to trading, to really dig in on what holds you back. Believe it or not, most of the time it’s simply your own mindset. Yes, of course, the lack of knowledge about the market plays a role but that is secondary.

In this intensive, one of a kind course you will learn to find and eliminate your limiting beliefs so that you can be the trader you are meant to be.

This course is not for everybody. Be Warned!

It may make you uncomfortable. It is designed to go deep into the thoughts and emotions at the core of your being and force you to answer questions that you don’t want to even think about. If you can’t handle it, stop reading now. You obviously don’t want to progress to the next level as a trader. If you are strong and willing to push through the discomfort then, we assure you, there is light at the end of the tunnel and the reward is totally worth it!

We’ve seen clients spend years losing money and suffering from undue stress, all while blaming the market and its uncertainty without any real progress. We’re talking about smart people who have all the knowledge in the world but can’t seem to trade successfully. They keep questioning what they did wrong.

“Maybe I’m missing something”

The difference between a successful trader and an unsuccessful one is mostly in the trader’s mindset and perception. Smart traders invest in themselves and their growth. People who win at the game of trading faced the same challenges as you did but focused on the solution rather than the problem. We’ll help you strengthen that weak muscle, get disciplined, and break those old patterns that are keeping you stuck.

What to expect?


Destroying Your Limiting Beliefs

“I am NOT my past”


Creating Emotional Leverage

“One step at a time..”


Figuring Out Your Trading Personality and Laying a Solid Foundation

“What type of trader am I?”


Taming the Fear & Anxiety Monster

“Scared money is lost money”


Perfection is the Enemy

“Eliminate your need for certainty”


Sixty to Strength

“From zero to hero in one hour”


Trading With Confidence

“Swagger and stack cheddar”


Developing Self-Discipline and Putting It All Together

“A Defined 90 Day Success Action Plan”

Throughout this series we’ll walk you through a lot of transformational exercises that help you not only discover the crux of your trading problems but equip you to deal with them head-on!

One of the best things about this course? You can apply the knowledge to all facets of life, not just trading!

Part of what you’ll receive is the 90 Day Success Action Plan. Ben will walk you through many specific exercises that will help you develop and maintain self-discipline. You’ll learn how to use personalized reward systems, trading journals, and much more to complete your 90 Day Success Action Plan and achieve your trading goals.

Programming your brain to transform your approach to trading and life is a crucial step and Sixty to Strength is one of the most powerful tool in the entire series. It’s an extremely powerful method to get your trading day off on the right foot before the opening bell rings.

How about a FREE Gift?

Yes, an actual physical gift. Shipped to your home. On us! No catch! Yes, we mean it. No catch, no additional cost! You’ll understand what the gift means after you dive into the course! 😉

Includes: 8 Modules of Video, 90 Day Action Plan, Printable .pdf Workbook, & Free Gift!