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  • Also $gold finally woke up to reality today on a day when the dollar is strong, further confirming that there are other drivers.
  • Benign NYSE cumulative tick (+123) tells me that this is all on NDX side, pulling against SPX which is not that weak.
  • Futures struggling to hold that 9/21-9/22 overnight low that was the downside reference for this recent range.
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Our flagship product and the one that launched it all way back in 2006, the ShadowTrader SquawkBox is a professional grade live audio and video broadcast offering traders of all skill levels the tools and guidance necessary to trade the markets effectively.    

Rooted firmly in technical analysis and market profile, the SquawkBox provides live trades and commentary the entire trading day.  While most squawks and chatrooms simply regurgitate news, ShadowTrader uses its proprietary method of market internals combined with market profile to predict the market's moves and profit from them all day long.  Founded on a methodology developed by Peter Reznicek, the Squawk is currently moderated by Brad Augunas.

To watch and listen (desktops & laptops)

Funded account holders of thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade can listen and view the moderator's charts in real time (FREE!) by logging in to their platform and clicking Support/Chat (upper right corner), selecting the Chat Rooms tab, then Shadow Trader from the list. When the chat window opens, click Watch in the lower right. To open a thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade account, click HERE

Watch and listen on the go (mobile phones & tablets)

Download the thinkorswim Mobile app for Apple or Android.  Once open, log in with your thinkorswim username and password and select Chat Rooms from the main drop down menu.  Select ShadowTrader from the list and listen and trade wherever you may be!


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