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ShadowTrader SquawkBox

Our flagship product and the one that launched it all way back in 2006, the ShadowTrader SquawkBox is a professional grade live audio and video broadcast offering traders of all skill levels the tools and guidance necessary to trade the markets effectively. 9:15 – 4pm every day. Live trades, trade ideas, market internals and technical analysis, call-ins, unusual option activity and much more.


ShadowTrader Video Weekly

Over 10,000 viewers each week can’t be wrong! Going strong for 15 years now, check out Chief Strategist, Peter Reznicek’s weekly market wrap up. T/A, Market Profile, Trade Ideas, Options education, and lots more every Sunday!


Swing Trader Newsletter

Daily newsletter for equity swing traders with real-time text alerts on all entries, exits, and stops. Includes daily commentary, economic calendar, sector trade score analysis, and daily trade ideas. 10 years+ track record.


Pairs Trading News Letter

Scared of volatility? Like to sleep well at night? Pairs trading might be for you. Let Tom Cook, ShadowTrader Chief Pairs Trading Strategist show you how it’s done. Daily newsletter for equity pairs traders with real-time text alerts on all entries, exits, and stops. 10 years + track record.


FX Trading Newsletter

Daily newsletter from our Senior Currency Analyst Blake Young with FX pairs trade ideas, commentary, economic data and much more…


Free Thinkscripts

Free thinkscripts that traders can add on to their thinkorswim charts to enhance performance and analytics.


Pairs Hour Weekly Show

Weekly one hour interactive program for pairs traders of all levels. Hosted by Tom Cook. Live on the thinkorswim platform.


FX Hour Weekly Show

Weekly live show discussing all things FX along with trade setups and more. Hosted by Blake Young.



Looking to get more familiar with our lingo? Heard a term on the SquawkBox or in one of the Options Advisories Pro Trading Rooms that was foreign to you? Check out the glossary, chances are we’ve already defined it here.



Our Frequently Asked Questions on SquawkBox, Options Advisories, installing thinkscripts and anything else you’ve probably thought of.


NYSE Holiday Schedule

Schedule of all market closings for the current year.


Futures Rollover Dates

All rollover dates for actively traded futures contracts.