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ShadowTrader INTRADAY VOLUME MEASURE thinkScript

The ShadowTrader Intraday Volume Measure thinkScript compares broad market volume data throughout the day, in increments defined by the trader, and compares it to previous broad market volume levels at the same times on previous days. In this way a trader can put current price action into context by comparing volume levels. Color coded results make the interpretation of this information easy to understand.  

ShadowTrader Intraday Volume Measure

  • Use overall volume to contextualize the current trading day (range bound, trend. breakout, etc.)
  • Measures and plots intraday volume levels of major averages and exchanges relative to average levels of user defined intervals throughout the trading day
  • Customizable settings for individual user preferences
  • Includes on screen menu of index volume symbols available on TOS for quick and easy moves between indices.
  • Includes detailed instructions on how to insert and customize on your thinkorswim platform

Intraday Volume Measure