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ShadowTrader FUTURES & FOREX
TICK SIZE and VALUE thinkScript

How much is one tick in heating oil futures?  What about the US Dollar Mexican Peso pair?  What if I’m trading a 10 lot, what is the value of one tick?

The ShadowTrader Futures & Forex Tick Size and Value thinkScript answers these questions immediately by just punching in the proper symbol into your thinkorswim chart.  An invaluable tool for futures and forex traders who want to know immediately how to size a trade especially in an instrument that they may have never traded before.  

ShadowTrader Futures & Forex Tick Size and Value

  • Returns Tick size and value immediately by just changing symbol in tos chart
  • Defaults to one lots but can be easily customized to whatever size trader is accustomed to
  • Display colors are changeable for less intrusive look
  • Allows user to decide between futures or forex display or both simultaneously
  • Includes detailed instructions on how to insert and customize on your thinkorswim platform