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By January 10, 2023August 6th, 2023No Comments

Today’s ES and NQ Market Profile and Pivot Point Numbers

Value Area High3878.0011048.00
Point of Control3874.0010863.50
Value Area Low3846.5010999.25

Today’s Market Profile Chart

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Click HERE for a market profile key that will help you interpret the chart above.

  Pre market indications

Opening In/Out Balancein balance
Overnight Inventorybalanced
Current Price/Overnight Rangelower third
Shock and Aweno
Potential for Early Tradeno
Short Term Biasconsolidating in large balance area

  Key Levels for Today

3904.00VPOC 12.21
3896.50RTH High
3836.50RTH Low
3804.50Poor Low 12.28
3788.50Swing Low 12.22 (o/n session)

Ongoing Narrative / Commentary

Continuing to go nowhere fast, even with the release of Fed minutes yesterday and Initial Claims data this morning.  A tale told by short term momentum traders, full of sound and fury, signifying a balance area that refuses to break.

Overnight inventory is quite balanced today and the entire overnight session is within the RTH session and mostly within the VA at that.  Later trade is the M.O. on such an open.

Balance rules continue to apply and due to the lack of larger movement, the same key levels continue to be in play and should remain in the narrative.


  • 09.12 4128.25
  • 12.02 4075.25
  • 11.08 3835.25
  • 11.09 3800.75


  • Opening within range on balanced overnight inventory is a low shock and awe open and should be traded later rather than earlier for higher odds setups.    
  • Balance rules apply for the larger balance area.  A move outside in either direction should be accompanied by market internals that are heavily skewed in the direction of play.  Anything less may indicate that market is actually going to remain in balance.
  • Balance rules are in play for this larger range.  They are a good framework to keep in mind as you navigate the session.

Iceberg Tick

A game changer if you use the TICK as a market internal. Paints time spent above zero in green and time below in red. Traders who know how to use the TICK know that this is what really matters in terms of sustaining intraday direction, not how high or low the extremes are.