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Our Team


Peter Reznicek, Trading / Blog / Market Profile

Peter has been actively trading since 2000 and has been educating traders since 2006 as the founder and Chief Strategist of He is the voice behind the popular ShadowTrader Video Weekly, a ten minute Sunday video that has thousands of viewers each week.

He is also co-host of the popular ShadowTrader Uncoveredprogram which airs daily from 2-3pm EST on the tastytrade network. Peter’s main focus is on short term directional trading of options and futures using a synthesis of technical analysis, market profile, and market internals

An avid adventurer, Peter has flown solo three times across the Atlantic in his single engine Cessna. It would have been only once, but upon coming within 20 miles of the French coast on the first crossing and desperately wanting a croissant, he realized that he had forgotten his wallet. He is also a four time winner of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race and is the first person in history to successfully daytrade while going over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

brad augunas

Brad Augunas, Moderator Shadow Trader Squawkbox

Brad is the dulcet tone behind ShadowTrader’s flagship product, the ShadowTrader SquawkBox. With over 3,000 listeners daily, Brad calls the markets live tick by tick and educates his audience on the finer points of market internals, profile references, and chart patterns.

He live trades equities and futures on the program and also assists traders via email and phone during the trading day. A true master of multi-tasking, Brad is also an accomplished squash player when he’s not behind the mic.


"Danno" Sheehy, Equity Strategist: ShawdowTraderPro Swing Trader

On staff with us at ShadowTrader since early 2010, Danno heads up our equity research department and is the editor in chief of the ShadowTraderPro Swing Trader newsletter which has over 13,000 followers on MyTrade. He writes the popular Looking Ahead column and is the developer of the ShadowTrader Sector Trendscore system.

Blake Young ShadowTrader

Blake Young, Senior Currency Strategist: ShadowTraderPro FX Trader

 Blake has previously been involved in corporate lending, tax preparation and import brokering. He has been trading in the foreign exchange market since 2002. He was introduced to the idea of trading forex trading while acting as an independent import broker giving him real world experience in the foreign exchange markets.

Blake has focused on economics and finance in his education and technical analysis in his trading. This dual focus provides him a balanced approach to the forex market of both fundamentals and charting. Blake educates FX traders through his daily writings in the ShadowTraderPro FX Trader, his FX Weekly Recap every weekend, and the ShadowTrader FX Hour which airs weekly on Tuesdays at 4:15pm EST.


Tom Cook , Equity Pairs Strategist: ShadowTrader Pro Pairs Trader

Tom Cook aka “The Southern Gentleman” is born and raised in Kentucky, as a cattle and horse farmer. He completed his bachelors in 1986, with an emphasis on engineering at Morehead State University, in the Hills Of Eastern Kentucky. Tom originally spent over 20 years constructing buildings, roads, and bridges, and brings extensive business knowledge and creativity to our family here at Shadowtrader. Always following the markets, Tom brings ten years plus of trading experience and specializes in pairs trading where he manages our ShadowtraderPro Pairs Trader newsletter. In addition to finding and managing all trades for this consistently profitable advisory, Tom hosts our Thursday afternoon Pairs Hour and also contributes writings on pairs trading to the ShadowTrader Weekend Update where he holds forth on all things pairs related in the Pairs Corner.

Benjamin Lee Head Shot Blue

Benjamin Lee, ShadowTrader Director of Trading Psychology

Benjamin Lee is the founder of ThinkTradeThink and the Director of Trading Psychology of He has over 8 years of professional trading experience, trading his personal account with a concentration on e-mini S&P futures and has also traded for two hedge funds. He has traded stocks, futures, forex, and options and has trained several hundred traders. He is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has presented at the New York Traders Expo. He holds a Bachelor’s in Finance and also an MBA in Entrepreneurship, both from the University of Florida.


Jim Bell, Managing Partner, Co-Founder

Jim is responsible for business development and also acts as client liason. Jim's 25 plus years of experience across multiple financial services platforms, allows him to help hone ShadowTrader's customer first focus.


Mike Coyle, CIO/CTO, Co-Founder

Mike works behind the scenes and keeps the engines of ShadowTrader's website running, handling networking, data, and everything in between. 

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