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Peter Reznicek – Co Founder, ShadowTrader Chief Strategist

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Scott Gillam – ShadowTrader Senior Options Strategist

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New to options or want to take your game to the next level? ShadowTrader offers three different real-time trade advisories so traders of every skill level can learn as they trade.

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Beginner Options Advisory

The ShadowTrader Beginner Options Advisory is the perfect way for traders new to options to get their feet wet with simple spread trades that have medium to longer duration. Geared toward traders who have little to no options experience. Includes monthly webinar where we teach you the basics.


Time Spreads Advisory

Enjoy some level of active management but not ready for the faster pace of trading strictly in the weeklies? The ShadowTrader Time Spreads Advisory uses options to take a longer term approach to the markets, trading mainly in calendars & diagonals with durations from 3 weeks to 3 months.


Weekly Options Advisory

Have some options experience under your belt? The ShadowTrader Weekly Options Advisory looks to capture short term profits using weekly options with durations of no longer than two weeks. While most options advisories focus only on spreads such as covered writes or iron condors, ShadowTrader thinks outside the box and utilizes risk reversals, broken wing butterflies, unbalanced butterflies, and other esoteric spread combinations to take advantage of direction, volatility, and time on a short term basis.