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NFLX – 5 To 1 Long Play

"Danno" Sheehy
Equity Strategist

Today, we are approaching the market with a “prove it” attitude. The market is going to have to prove that it is really rolling over here as opposed to just working off its recent overbought status with a sideway-to-lower move. The later case plays right into the hand of a good long entry location in Netflix (NFLX).

NFLX was hardly effected by the broad market’s gap down yesterday which is a signal that there is support for the stock around the current price level. If a decline in stocks brings NFLX into the lower ascending trendline today, we will look to enter the stock long. With a stop placed just below prior resistance (dashed line, magenta ovals) while targeting the upper trendline, this trade idea has a better than 5 to 1 reward to risk ratio.

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Written by "Danno" Sheehy

Danno is the editor of the ShadowTraderPro Swing Trader and is the developer of the ShadowTrader Sector Trend Scores and also the infamous ShadowTrader Money Flow indicator. Check out the full version of the Swing Trader newsletter daily at

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