PREMIUM: Five Hour Consulting (Lee)

One on one private consulting with ShadowTrader Director of Trading Psychology, Benjamin Lee
Five Hour Block of One on One coaching with Benjamin Lee, Director of Trading Psychology for ShadowTrader    

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same applies to your trading psychology. It requires laying a solid foundation and stacking each
strategy on top of each other, brick by brick, to master your psychology and make money on a consistent basis. As you begin
to incorporate each strategy, you will see Rome building and the path to becoming a better trader appear before your eyes. Once you
understand the concepts, you’ll need to work on executing them until they become second nature. Repetition is the mother of
skill and Benjamin will guide you along your journey to ensure you’re taking the quickest path to success.

With this format, Benjamin will have more time to develop a better understanding of your thought processes when you’re
trading, which is one of the most difficult items to unearth in a short period of time. Identifying your thought process is
important because that is allow you to determine what is thought patterns are necessary for consistency in your trading. As
you continue to work with him, he will help you to identify those thought processes that are damaging your results and guide
you in making the necessary changes.

Book Benjamin for 5 hours at a reduced rate. 

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