Beginner Options Advisory

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AAPL-Long Call Vertical

BA-Short Put Vertical

HD-Long Call Vertical

What’s Included

Here’s everything you’ll be enjoying as a member of Beginner Options Advisory

Verticals, Butterflies & Singles

This advisory for those new to options uses only the simplest of spreads, utilizing only long and short verticals, long butterflies, and the occasional long single option

Trades via Email

Trades are sent out via detailed emails that include annotated charts and a full workup on the theory behind the trade

Monthly Private Webinar

Once a month, Scott teaches the basics of options theory and answers any questions that subscribers may have. This is like getting a beginner’s course in options for free

Weekly Email Recap

On Friday evenings, we will send out a recap of all trading activity for the week along with a link to the performance spreadsheet in .pdf form


Beginner Options Course

FREE with your subscription!
9 Video Lessons recorded by ShadowTrader Senior Options Strategist,
Scott Gillam

$ 49/Month