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ShadowTrader FX Hour 10.08.19 – Fed Talks Rate Cuts and QE

In today’s FX Hour, we discussed Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s comments. We discussed the Fed Chair’s comments that “The Fed will use rate cuts, forward guidance, and QE as appropriate,” We discussed how this would normally weaken the U.S. dollar and cause significant inflation hedging but the dollar remained relatively strong as still one of […]

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Peter's Premarket Perspective

Peter’s Premarket Perspective – Tuesday October 8, 2019

The Market Profile value areas and ShadowTrader Pivots for /ESZ19 and /NQZ19 Futures are posted free every morning in the ShadowTrader Swing Trader newsletter.   Key Levels for Today 2934.25 RTH Low 2917.50 Top of Gap 2912.50 Bottom of Gap 2889.75 VPOC   As I was alluding to yesterday in a What’s Peter Thinking text. […]

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