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FOREX Hour Shows

ShadowTrader FX Hour 04.09.19 – Equities Correct After Hitting Target

In today’s FX Hour, we discussed equities reversing at our target. We discussed our monkeybars based targets and how equities reversed after testing our targets. Volatility is up, confirming the equity reversal but the yen is not strengthening as much as we might expect. Gold and oil are on the rise but copper and other […]

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Peter's Premarket Perspective

Market Profile Analysis of S&P Futures 04.09.19

The Market Profile value areas and ShadowTrader Pivots for /ESM19 and /NQM19 Futures are posted free every morning in the ShadowTrader Swing Trader newsletter. Interesting market profile dynamic yesterday where the upside one time framing was broken after eight straight sessions. Let’s look closer at the distributions to see what’s going on. As we broke […]

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