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ShadowTrader FX Hour 02.19.19 – Rising Risk Appetites

In today’s FX Hour, we discussed high or rising risk appetites, low volatility and a weak U.S. dollar We discussed the recent move in equities which has stemmed from rising risk appetites and possibly the fear of missing out on the next bull run. We have seen the confirmation of low volatility and rising commodities. […]

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Peter's Premarket Perspective

Market Profile Analysis of S&P Futures 02.19.19

The Market Profile value areas and ShadowTrader Pivots for /ESH19 and /NQH19 Futures are posted free every morning in the ShadowTrader Swing Trader newsletter. Gap down after a shortened futures session which we’ll ignore means that we are not opening on a true gap but rather right in the meat of Friday’s market profile distribution. […]

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