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ORI – Short on Failed Follow Through

Good morning traders. The worst looking daily chart among the twenty five ShadowTrader Sectors is insurance ($DJSINS). The daily chart of Old Republic International Corp. (ORI) has several similarities to that of $DJSINS and is pictured below. The twenty day moving average (green line) of ORI has shown some reliability as both support and resistance…

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Market Profile Analysis of S&P Futures – 02.10.16

Market Profile Value Areas and POC figures for /ESH6 and /NQH6 Futures are posted free every morning HERE. Good Morning, The two annotated areas on the market profile chart above are important. I’ve marked off the gap and circled the an area where a lot of volume traded over the last two sessions. That volume…

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AN Should Benefit From Fed Testimony

Good morning traders. Here is an interesting setup in case doves fly out of Janet Yellen’s mouth during her Senate Banking Committee testimony today and tomorrow. Those who initiated short positions in Auto Nation (AN) on Friday and Monday (red arrows) are feeling the pinch as yesterday’s bullish price bar completely engulfed the prior two…

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Pairs Trading Back With Strong Financial Giants “PRU – LNC”

(Prudential Financial – Lincoln National) Oh my goodness, it was so hard to watch this pair hit the perfect long entry on Tuesday, and not be able to take the trade, with “PRU” reporting earnings on 2/10, (AMC). The pair touched our $28.45 long entry, and then pulled back up on Tuesday and now closed…

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Bonds Hit an All Time High While the Dollar Falls

U.S equities repeatedly tried to sell off and break support only to be met by buyers near the previous day’s low. The interesting thing about today’s markets is that bond prices hit an all time high without yields hitting even an annual low and without equities breaking a 1 year low. Also intriguing is that…

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Market Profile Analysis of S&P Futures – 02.09.16

Market Profile Value Areas and POC figures for /ESH6 and /NQH6 Futures are posted free every morning HERE. Good Morning, Yesterday afternoon I had the following exchange with someone on Twitter: Why did I make such a comment just after the market closed? 1. The nature of the late day advance was hot and heavy.…

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This Oscillator is Hard to Ignore.

Good morning traders. We’ve featured the McClellan Oscillator in a number of previous posts. The indicator has proven itself to be one of the most useful and is difficult to ignore. We’ve gleaned some insight from its current reading on the chart below. The red circles highlight the last three lows of the S&P 500…

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