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Proprietary Money Flow Measure Grinds To New Lows

Good morning traders. An update of our proprietary measure of broad market money flow (MF) is pictured below. One could surmise from the chart above that large stock market participants are still not buying into the market uptrend off the August and September lows. While the S&P 500 Index is holding recent gains, MF has…

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Retail Sales Can Impact Rates and Strong Dollar

In things you should give a pip about, we look at Black Friday and Interest Rates. These two are connected in a way maybe you haven’t thought about. As we have discussed in previous articles, retail sales during the holiday season account for around 80% of the retail sales of the year. Consumer purchases account…

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Pairs Trading Corner With Our Banking Pair “C – BK”

C – BK (Citigroup, Inc – Bank Of New York Mellon) The pair may have just left the station for a long play, but I am more excited to see a short opportunity setting up soon. As we can see from our channel, the pair should offer a short opportunity up around the $11.75 spread…

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OPKO – Plan Your Long Entry

Basing patterns don’t get much prettier than what has taken shape on the daily chart of Opko Health, Inc. (OPKO) pictured below. Call it what you want, a rounded bottom, inverse head and shoulders, either is bullish. The choice now becomes where to take a long entry. The preferred entry is at the longer ascending…

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Pairs Trading With Industrial Waste Handling “WM – RSG”

(Waste Management – Republic Services) Well Folks! it looks like our waste management pair just may be setting up for a short entry any trading day now. I really like the way the pair is holding a high correlation of 0.97+, and the channel of consolidation seems to be holding very nicely. I would expect…

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The Strong Dollar is Likely to Continue into Thanksgiving.

U.S. equities edged up slightly today along with oil and the dollar going into Thanksgiving holiday. Friday will only be a half day in the U.S. The dollar index hit a new 7 month high before pulling back slightly. Although equities and U.S. futures will be closed tomorrow, the strong dollar could continue rallying and…

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Pairs Trading With Double The Energy “XEL – CMS”

(Xcel Energy – CMS Energy) We caught our pair short on Tuesday’s price action, as the pair moved right up into our pending entry of $0.75 spread value. We executed at $0.71 spread value and $31.99 (PPL) Position Price Level. Also, in order to keep things simple, I duplicated our shares sizes, so that both,…

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Pound and Dollar Fall as Commodities Bounce

Equities attempted a sell off but rallied to close near yesterday’s close by the end of the day. Commodity prices bounced in many cases confirmed multiple year support levels. With the bounce in commodities and the Bank of England indicating they were not likely to raise rates in the near term, we saw both the…

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